Specialty Classes


Pastor Rob Snider teaches the basics of Christian life and living, geared to the ages of the students.  Developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is emphasized.



Grade appropriate physical activities are used to build the children's strength, endurance, team spirit and co-operation.  Games are a major part of the activities, encouraging the students to enjoy being outside, playing with each other, learning to respect the "rules of the game".



Sharon Follett teaches music appreciation, rhythm, small group and individual music lessons.  She also co-ordinates the twice yearly School Program of music and recitation.



In art, the students learn all the basics:  color theory, perspective, composition. They are taught how to express themselves using many different mediums and tools.  Art appreciation is a major component as well.



Barbara Strickland teaches a small-group class the basics of oil painting, utilizing the "Evolve Artist" technique of realistic painting.  The students learn how to care for their tools, how to prepare their palette, how to paint in a way that quickly enables them to paint realistic-looking objects.  The first semester is all in grayscale ("black and white") so they can focus on learning how to paint.  In the second semester the children learn how to use color in their painting.


KODAK Digital Still Camera